My blood was boiling this morning on my drive to work. I usually listen to the radio, the guys on the Breakfast Show on Gem106 (or Gem Radio online and on DAB) are normally quite entertaining. But this morning they really got my blood boiling.

Let me set the scene with a little background info. Last year Jo (the female presenter) joined Slimming World. Through the year she basically lost half of what you should lose in your first month. She basically didn’t stick to the plan and found that it doesn’t work – well it won’t if you don’t follow the rules. This got me wound up before Christmas as she was basically advertising on the radio that Slimming World doesn’t work. I agree it doesn’t for everyone, but it does for the majority if the plan is followed. It’s not like most diets where you have to weigh and measure everything, it’s just about eating the right foods.

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Not fast forward to today. Jo has obviously given up Slimming World now as she can’t stick to eating good, healthy food. Fair enough, it’s her choice. But she hasn’t just given up Slimming World, oh no, she’s gone the extra mile of boasting about the different diets she’s attempted;

  • Atkins Diet
  • Cambridge Diet
  • Cabbage Diet
  • Heart Patient Diet

What do all these fad diets all have in common? They’re not sustainable for the human body. The human body requires fuel, even if you’re next exercising, your body needs fuel to move, to breath, hell even to think. Have you tried to concentrate on something when you’re starving? It just doesn’t happen easily.

A really healthy, balanced diet will include all the fuel and nutrients your body needs. It will give you all this without having to eat all the rubbish that make us get fat in the first place. Advertising on the radio that you’re after a Miracle Diet and using the #miraclediet on twitter is not good. It’s not good for society. I wonder how many self-conscious kids were listening to the show this morning and are now thinking that “if they’re doing one of these diets on the radio then it must be OK to do myself”?

I get they’re trying to get numbers of people to text in as much as possible on their premium rate number so they can make some cash from it, but seriously, using fad diets to do it? It’s dangerous, especially in this day and age where kids and teens are highly influenced by media of all kinds.

If anyone reading this is wondering how to lose weight fast, don’t even think about it. Weight goes on a lot quicker than it comes off. It is safer and longer lasting to lose weight a bit at a time. You don’t need to join a weight loss club like I do with Slimming World, it can be done yourself. I go to Slimming World not just for the plan, but for the support side too, something you don’t get going solo.

A balanced diet including one of natural, healthy foods will go a long way if you want or need to lose weight. Cut out or minimize the rubbish such as chocolate, crisps, pastries, bread. Swap out sugar for sweetener. Swap out high sugar/salt snacks for an apple or orange. A fad diet might work now, but you will only gain weight again when you go back to your previous eating habits.

8 tips to healthy eating from the NHS

Losing weight is about changing your lifestyle, not to starve yourself of your cravings and joys. I still have chocolate and crisps here are there, but it’s all measured via the Slimming World plan and I don’t consume anywhere near as much as I would have previously.

There is plenty of information for people in the UK provided by the NHS about healthy living. Use your favorite search engine, whether that be Google or Bing (Because It’s Not Google) or any other search engine and search for “Healthy Living”. The first few hits are from sources such as NHS and will set you off in the right direction.

If losing weight is a goal of yours this year, then I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you luck and I hope you manage it safely and effectively. Losing pounds of fat isn’t the only fight, the real fight begins when you come to a point where you are keeping it off for good. I will be here posting about my ups and downs, how I feel during my weight loss journey. You never know something I rant on about may help you. Reading other blogs has certainly helped me over the last few months.