Happy New Year folks, 2019 is finally here, not sure where 2018 went, but it’s January again. You know what that means? New Year, New Me! Pffft… no chance, yes it’s a New Year, but it’s still me, I’m still a fat man trying to lose some weight. So no huge changes around here I’m afraid.

On the plus side, I have been to get weighed this evening as per usual on a Wednesday. It was nice to be back into routine with the Slimming World Group, so the slate can be wiped clean and we start again in a new week. Last week I was away so didn’t get weighed. This means that the 7.5 lbs gain I have taken has been over two weeks. That’s not to bad, I was expecting worse after what I had consumed over Christmas.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

There have been some major changes to the Slimming World plan starting from now through – all of which are covered in my post here. I’m excited about some of the changes, which is good as it should spur me on to lose more weight. Along with the guilt-free gain this week, I am poised to tackle the rest of my weightloss journey head on. So 2019, here I come, with less of me here!

As well as weighing in today, I have so far completed the first two days of my #REDJanuary challenge. I’ve enjoyed the rides so far, feeling good after getting off the bike. It’s amazing what a bit of exercise can do for your mind. It’s makes you feel full of energy, ready to take on the rest of the day (at least with me getting it done in the morning anyway).

Tomorrow is my back-to-work day so I will be getting up most mornings ridiculously early to complete the rides (yes there is apparently more than just the single 5 o’clock in a day). I’m already feeling tired thinking about getting up for the ride, but I know already how good I’ll feel after. Come 8pm tomorrow I will probably be fast asleep on the sofa though.

So here’s to a new year folks – I hope to still be here in another 365 days, though a lot less of me.