If you ask most Slimming World members (or anyone trying to lose weight via some sort of plan) if they stuffed their face over Christmas, the likely answer would either be a yes, or a very shady no. Especially Christmas Day, anything resembling a weight loss diet goes out of the window.

I will openly admit this last week while I’ve been away with family I’ve not even thought about Slimming World once. I’ve eaten chocolate & pastries, I’ve drunk beer and I’ve not been on the bike (kinda difficult when I couldn’t take it with me). So from a Slimming World point of view, I’ve done everything but stick to the plan.

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But I’m not worried. I am expecting some sort of gain in my weight when I get weighed next week (Wednesday night as usual). But I won’t be feeling guilty about it. There will be no regret about anything I’ve consumed over the last week and I know I will lose anything I gain. It’s the guilt-free mindset that will help me get back on plan just as quick as I got off it.

Most of the time when someone doing Slimming World or something similar will feel when they have a gain is regret, guilt and the old thought of ‘why bother?’ But I won’t. Not this time. I won’t be sat in IMAGE Therapy thinking of what I could have done differently. I won’t be thinking what could be different had I not done X, Y and Z.

Getting back on plan is often the hardest part of going off plan. Not having the right mindset in place for a gain often leads to more than 1 week of weight gain. But as I’ve gone into this last week knowing I was going to enjoy myself and sort it out after, I won’t be heading into a spiral of thoughts that make me want to give up. There will be no questioning of the plan or what I did, instead, I will be planning what I’m going to do next.

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We had our weekly shop delivered today. Full of fruit, salad and other goodies I can enjoy when on plan. I will later be planning some meals to make on which days. As daft as it may sound, planning is the key to losing weight. It will also be critical to be done when I start #REDJanuary on Tuesday. Finding time to cycle when juggling family, housework and my job will be difficult for 31 solid days – but it will be done with a bit of prior planning.