Early Present For Me

I skipped Wednesday weight night this week. Two reasons lead me to get weighed yesterday morning instead, 1) it was my work Xmas lunch on Wednesday (I am not getting weighed after a 3-course meal) and 2) I wasn’t well Wednesday evening.

I was good this week where possible. Most meals were on plan this week with just a small number of snacky treats in between. I had to use some self-control this week but I just hoped leading up to Saturday that it would help and I’d have another loss, the last one before Christmas.

After checking on the app to find exactly where the Saturday group is that my consultant runs, I grabbed my stuff and went. The first time I’ve been and got weighed without wifey being present. As much as Slimming World groups are great at welcoming new people, I’ve always feared to go on my own. Yes, there are other men who do, but the vast majority of members are still women. Now it’s likely all in my head but I often feel judged when around lots of people on my own without anyone close by for comfort. But still I had to go, I had to find out how I did this last week before Christmas.

Anyway, I turned up, nervous as hell but just thought to myself the sooner I’m in the sooner I’m out. I wasn’t staying for IMAGE therapy after, there wasn’t time, I had places to be. I walked in and found not that many people there, not really surprising considering this time of year. I paid my fee and checked in, then went to the weigh queue. Handed my card and slipped off my shoes, stood on the scales and just hoped.

I couldn’t remember what I weighed last week, so when I saw the number on the scales I was clueless about whether I had lost, gained or maintained. But the nice lady on the other side of the table congratulated me with a “well done” and let me know I’d lost 2lbs. I’d lost 2 whole lbs (just short of a kg). This brought me back under the 2 stone mark which I achieved a few weeks back. This for me was a nice little present to go into the Christmas break with.

All I’ve got to do know over the next couple of weeks is take little wins where possible. There will be plenty of food around as well as alcohol. I’m not a big drinker so the alcohol won’t be a big concern, it will be the food. But should there be a weight gain in a couple of weeks when I’m back on it, then I will take it on the chin.

Finally, if you’re still reading, have a very Merry Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Early Present For Me”

  1. Well done Cory. And well said. Enjoy your Christmas because it’s not here long, be good where you can and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t, we will all be supporting you in a few days when you are back on track. Xx


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