Zwift Tour of London

I have just finished Stage 3 of the Tour of London was another flatter route and one I am more familiar with after using this route a few times in previous rides.  Again, joining the B Group for the shorter ride I completed the 4 laps of the Classique Reverse route.  The lead into the lap is actually longer than a lap itself.

LEAD-IN DISTANCE: 7.4 km / 4.6 mi
LAP DISTANCE: 5.4 km / 3.4 mi
ELEVATION GAIN: 19 m / 62 ft
TOTAL DISTANCE WITH LEAD-IN: 29.0 km / 18.2 mi

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I started a little more eagerly out of the starting pier this time compared to Stage 1, which meant I found a little group of riders to start with instead of completing the lead-in on my own.  But by the time we started the laps the others cranked up the pace and left me somewhat lingering behind.

This particular route I have done a few times before, just not in reverse, but it made a nice change going the other direction.  It was a challenge doing the route I reverse as the sprint to the finish line was on an incline instead of the usual decline.  Due to this, I never really made a mad dash for the finish line until I was on my final lap, but even then my legs were well past their best.

For the most part the ride was fairly uneventful.  Out of 444 riders in B Group I finished around 390th, so I’m happy with that.  I wasn’t around any riders for any length of time to really benefit from any drafting, so it was a hard slog.  That couple with no music as the wife was out for a meal (listening in case the kids got up) made it hard to push through to the end.

There was a moment half way round lap 2 I had to jump of the bike.  I got a new saddle this week, but it was angled slightly too high when I started the ride, so had to make a quick adjustment.  it’s still not perfect, it still needs to down ever so slightly and I need to move it forward a fraction, but I’ll get there.

Stage 4 of the Zwift Tour of London is scheduled for Wednesday evening (19th December) at 20:00 GMT.  There I will be looking at completing 2 laps of the London Loop route, with a total elevation gain of 722 feet – damn hills!

But before I go – I got an FTP increase, woohoo!  I got an increase a little over a week ago.  A short FTP test said something around 132 watts, which increased to 180.  It’s now showing 192 watts after this ride, so I’m a happy cyclist tonight.

FTP increased, woohoo!