Taking Back Control

Last week I published a post Missed A Group And Paid The Price.  I was determined not to have another gain this week when I went to my Slimming World Group.

I haven’t had a fantastic week food wise.  Most meals have been somewhat on plan, but there have been meals that haven’t.  We went to see Santa with the Kids at Sundown Adventure Land at the weekend.  Now, these sort of places do not know what healthy food is when it comes to their cafes for lunch.  Largely their meals consist of Burgers, Hot Dogs or Pizza.  But then the wife saw they have Jacket Potatoes – long behold I somewhat kept to plan.

2lbs off this week

This time of year is really hard to keep on plan 100%.  As much as Christmas is about religion, a fat guy in a red suit and family, it’s also a time where copious amounts of food are consumed.  Now I can food optimize most meals, but the snacks I can’t.  I’ve spoken before about not having a snack table this Xmas, but I had to give in to the family.  We do have some treats, but nothing near what we would usually have.

There is also the evenings we’re out with friends and weekends away with families.  We’ve a meal out with friends tomorrow night – but I’m driving so no alcohol for me (just have to think of food instead).  We’re then away at the weekend with family for my nieces second birthday – again just food to think about really.

In essence, as long as I make sensible choices this next week, there should be no reason I can’t lose again next week and get back under that 2 stone lost mark again.  

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