Zwift today have kicked off their annual Tour of London in the virtual world of indoor training.  Normally I wouldn’t enter something like this, but I figured if I can find the groups around a time I can make then why not?  After all, I get a Tour of London Jersey to wear in Zwift if I complete all 5 stages.

Each stage will be setting off on the hour every hour for 24 hours.  This means there must be somewhere for me to be able to make one of the Groups.  The schedule released by Zwift is as follows;

  • Stage 1: December 13th (Thursday)
  • Stage 2: December 15th (Saturday)
  • Stage 3: December 17th (Monday)
  • Stage 4: December 19th (Wednesday)
  • Stage 5: December 21st (Friday)
  • Catch-Up: December 23rd (Sunday)

To each stage there are three different groups;

  • Group A: Long Distance
  • Group B: Short Distance
  • Group C: Women Only

It’s safe to say I will be entering the ‘B’ Group on each stage as I’m not fit enough yet to take part in the longer distance rides.  The shorter distance rides on most of the stages will be pushing me past my furthest I’ve ridden in a single ride.  So this will be a challenge.

The times I’ve selected to book in for are:

  • Stage 1: December 13th @ 20:00 GMT
  • Stage 2: December 15th @ 06:00 GMT
  • Stage 2: December 23rd @ TBC
  • Stage 3: December 17th @ 20:00 GMT
  • Stage 4: December 19th @ 20:00 GMT
  • Stage 5: December 21st @ 20:00 GMT

All times are subject to the wife confirming we have nothing planned at these times (hopefully not as the kids go to bed at 19:00 each night – so I should hopefully be safe – but they are subject to change).

UPDATE: Moved Stage 2 ride to the catch-up day on 23rd December.  Due to time constraints before heading off for the weekend.

More details about the Zwift Tour of London Series can be found here.  You can see when the rides are happening, the distance for each group and you can sign up to them if you are a fellow Zwifter.  If you are a fellow Zwifter then feel free to follow me, just search for Fatman Slimming – you will find me.