I’ve been looking at getting a different saddle for the Boardman ADV.  I can’t get on with the manufacturer saddle that comes with the bike, it’s too hard, doesn’t fit me and I’m getting really numb after about 30 minutes in the saddle (not good!)

Selle Royal Respiro Soft Moderate Mens Saddle

Through my various review reviewing of saddles, I came across the following review for the Selle Royal Respiro Soft Moderate Mens Saddle sold by Halfords.  It made me chuckle;

Like others I bought this to replace a rather hard and unforgiving saddle that was supplied already fitted to a cycle. Cycling distance is now no longer determined by how long I can tolerate sitting on what was not much better than a plank of wood.

I do like the idea of the mesh panel in the saddle that has quickly become known as the ‘gaseous discharge dissipation system’. Forward travel draws in air through the nose of the saddle which is then mixed with any odour producing emmisions from the rider. This is then expelled rearwards directly to the noses of anyone unfortunate enough to be following. Priceless!

Scatological humour apart, this is a wonderfully comfortable saddle that appears to be well made and although a little expensive, good value for money.


I think going forward I might have to see if many other saddles have the GDDS (Gaseous Discharge Dissipation System) fitted