Who likes a McDonalds Breakfast Bagel?  In particular the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bagel?  You may not like McDonalds at all, never been to one in fact, but you may still like the sound of a Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bagel to set you off in the morning.

Mmmm… Bagel and Coffee

If a Bagel is your sort of thing, this savory breakfast (or lunch) treat could be well up your street.  Only this version is a lot healthier than the McDonalds one and is only 1 syn on Slimming World (when using both your HEa and HEb choices).  Even if you’re vegetarian you can enjoy this, as we used the Quorn Sausage Patties to make this wonderful delight.

The Bagel
This is the New York Bakery Co. Bagel Thins, Seeded.  This is the only Bagel that can be counted towards you HEb on Slimming World.  Any other Bagel would cost you syns.

The Sausage
The Sausage used in this creation is not really Sausage, it’,s a protein replacement from Quorn.  Taste wise it’s good, texture wise it’s certainly not a Sausage Patty – but they’re half a syn each so who cares?  As it’s not really meat either, it makes it a great option for any vegetarians wanting to try this.

The Cheese
Cheese is cheese, right?  No, Cheese is not just Cheese, depending on what Cheese you have depends on how good the end product is.  now for this sort of thing I prefer to use Cheese Slices rather than grate a block of cheese or something, it just works better.  We use the Dairylea Light Cheese Slices, use 2 for an HEa choice.  The Original Dairylea Cheese Slices are also 2 for an HEa, but they’re higher syns if you’ve already used your HEa.

Suitable for vegetarians

The following is everything that makes this wonder of a brekkie;


  • 1 New York Bakery Co. Bagel Thin, Seeded (use as your HEb choice or 6 syns)
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Slices of Dairylea Light Cheese Slices (use as your HEa or 4.5 syns)
  • 2 Quorn Sausage Patties (1 syn)
  • Frylight (or other low-calorie cooking sprays)


  1. Add Frylight to a frying pan and place on a medium-heat hob
  2. Add the Quorn sausage patties and cook for 7 minutes (turning frequently)
  3. While the sausage patties are cooking, toast the bagel thin
  4. Once toasted, place on a plate and add your cheese slices, one to the top half and one to the bottom
  5. A couple of minutes before the sausage patties are ready, add the egg to the frying pan
  6. Once the egg is cooked to your liking, remove the frying pan from the hob
  7. Mount the sausage patties onto the bottom half of the bagel, then add the egg
  8. Add the top half of the bagel and enjoy
The end product