Back in my post titled Something In The Planning, I mentioned I was planning on a challenge for January.  None of this New Years resolution stuff, just a challenge to get my backside off the sofa and into the saddle.

I’ve been busy lately looking into the different workouts in Zwift, that indoor training app that I’m loving at the moment.  Zwift is going to help me achieve this challenge, whether I will be cycling around London, New York, Richmond, Innsbruck or Watopia.  Regardless of where my avatar is, I will be riding every day with the target of at least 10 miles each day in my sights.

Using the 4-week workout for Zwift Fondo Bambino, I will be completing workouts designed for training for the Fondo Bambino.  Zwift is holding their Fondo events on different dates from November to April, one date per month.  I aim to complete the Bambino Fondo on February 10th.  The following is what my schedule looks like for RED January;

RED January Schedule

Details of the training plan I am following can be found from  There’s a whole load of different workouts on there.  Workouts included in Zwift as well as custom workouts that you can download and import.

The Active Recovery Workout days will be following a simple 45-minute workout that I have created in Zwift that isn’t too strenuous on the legs, hence the name.  I will be using this workout in between Fondo Training days to keep with my RED challenge and also keep me from overdoing it through the month.