It’s not easy trying to change something about yourself.  Especially when you’re trying to change years of bad habits and bad food.  It’s even harder if you put in place a support network of people and you miss a week at group.  This is what I did last week.  I wasn’t feeling up to going so I didn’t, the result was two bad weeks instead of one.

Food addiction is an actual thing and I suffer from it – big time.  I can go a few weeks being on plan with Slimming World and get some cracking losses each week, but then the cravings start.  This is the food addiction kicking in.  This started kicking in again last week.  What did I do about it? Nothing, abso-freaking-lutely nothing.

I missed going to group last week because I hadn’t been on plan and knew I’d be going to see a gain.  But as many people do who are trying to lose weight, I thought to myself “it’ll be ok, I’ll get back on plan and go back next week”.  Well without going to group that very rarely happens.  Especially when you miss group because you’ve not been on plan.

The bad food continued, whether it was a cheeky snack here or a bit of bread there.  The takeaways reappeared, the lunches out picked up.  It was a disaster basically.  Then after one really crappy meal, I got heartburn. That horrid acidic feeling in your chest.  This was my body telling me enough was enough.  I needed to go back to good eating again, I started to crave healthy foods.  I realized I needed to go back to group this week – that was the most important thing.

So this week I went to group knowing I will have our weight back on, knowing I had undone some of that hard work already accomplished.  The damage, 4.5 lbs gained.  I wasn’t happy about it, but I was expecting worse.  The fact I’ve been getting on the bike while it’s on the trainer may have helped a little, but I can’t help but wonder what that figure would have been had I attended group last week.

After going to group this week and listening to some others, I’m determined to get back on track and make sure I get rid of what I’ve undone.  Before Christmas comes I need that 4.5lbs gone and in two weeks that should be easy for me.  The biggest challenge is yet to come.

4.5lbs gained this week