I had a little bit of spare time the other day while on the computer.  So I decided to see what it would be like to create my own cycle jersey based from this here blog.  What I though wouldn’t be anything that would look good actually turned out not too bad.

Custom cycle jersey

On the front is the blog logo, the fat stick man in a cycling position with the wheels of a bike turned into some sort of F and S.

Each Arm has the URL fatmanslimming.blog running up to the shoulder.

On the back is the blog logo again, along with the blog URL across the top.  The three pockets on the back have the header for the blog’s Facebook page along with the words

fighting with myself taking on the war of being overweight

FatMan Slimming

I actually quite like how it turned out and would maybe have ordered one had the price been a little lower.

The site I created it in owayo.co.uk.  They create bespoke sportswear for a large range of sports.  I simply found them by going to Google and searching for “custom bike jersey uk”.  There are plenty of companies that will do this, but Owayo had the best editor I could find.