Since purchasing the Tacx Flow Smart Trainer, I’ve used Zwift for a few rides through a trial period (technically two trial periods).  Using Zwift on the PC, I was given an unlimited milage trial for 7 days.  After the initial 7 days, I was then given 25km to use before the 1st December.

Within the first 7 days, I completed 3 free rides totaling 21.41 miles.  This is just warm up mileage for a lot of people, but for me, it’s somewhat of an introduction to indoor training, which is very different from the world of riding outside.

Hey look, Dolphins!

The final 25km of the trial were used on 2 rides.  A free ride in New York (the Lady Liberty route) which was 8.39 miles.  The second ride was an FTP Test (completed a few minutes ago).  I did the shorter FTP test of 45 minutes, I don’t think I’d last the full one just yet.  As I don’t know what my current FTP is, I set the slider to 100 before starting the test.

For those who, like me, don’t know what FTP is in the cycling world, it stands for Functional Threshold Power.  I still don’t fully understand what it means, but in short, Zwift put it this way;

it’s the maximum average amount of power you can sustain for an hour.
Look at the Mountains

After completing a 20 minute warm up, Zwift told me to keep at a pace I believed I could keep going for 20 minutes.  So I selected a gear that wasn’t comfortable, but not one I was pushing like hell to get through either.  Just short of 15 minutes into the 20 minute FTP test my trial expired.  I assumed Zwift would continue until I finished my ride, which it did after I clicked the option to not upgrade right now.  By the end of the 20 minute FTP test, I averaged 132 watts.  Now I don’t know what score is high, whats low, good or bad.  I just know my FTP is 132.

The good thing is I can use this now to build on using some workouts which are available in Zwift (providing I now pay up for the monthly membership).  I’ve really enjoyed Zwift so far so will be coughing up and continuing, but it’s not riding outside.  But looking at the weather today, I’s pick indoor training any day.