Everyone loses their marbles every now and then.  Sometimes you walk into a room a forget why.  Sometimes you ask someone a question you asked them a couple of minutes prior.  Sometimes you will lose your keys when in town but then really lose everything.

A long story short, I’ve had to start wearing glasses for Computer Work, Reading, TV Time and Driving – basically, anything that requires me to focus on something.  I haven’t adapted well, I hate wearing them – but I’d rather wear them than get the headaches that follow when I don’t.

Today I had to go into town back to where I bought the glasses.  I’ve been in 5 times in the last 2 weeks for them to be adjusted, but I still can’t get on with them.  Lucky for me they give a 3-month no quibble guarantee which means I can change them within 3-months if I’m not getting on with them.  So I’ve picked a new frame now and then went for a coffee while the little one was sleeping in his pushchair.  This is where it went downhill (just not to my knowledge as yet).

We followed the coffee by purchasing some Christmas gifts we needed to get and print some photos (the wife loves photos).  We then paid for the car parking and headed to the car.  Only we couldn’t get in the car.  No keys were in the pocket I swear I put them in.  We checked all my coat pockets (I have a few), checked all the wife’s pockets, the pushchair, the baby bag, everywhere.  No keys.  This didn’t bode well for my anxiety levels.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Everything started racing through my head.  How can we get home to get the spare keys?  How can we even get in the house for the spare keys?  All these things rushing through my head I lost my marbles.  We all do it over the slightest things, only this time I started getting frustrated.  I started worrying that if we now left the car, someone may have found my keys and could just start walking through the car park pressing the button – my car might not be here when we get back.  I was scared, panicked, lost it all.

In step the wife.  She calmed me down, said the only place they could be is either in Specsavers or in the cafe.  She tootled off back to see if someone had handed them in or found them.  Left me with the little one.  A couple of minutes later she returned with the keys – they’d fallen out my jacket at the cafe.  They noticed when they cleared our table, but we were long gone so they kept them behind the counter until we returned (there are some good people in this world).

I’m now at home, writing about losing my marbles and thinking about getting on the bike/trainer shortly.  Hopefully, I won’t lose my keys (or my marbles) when I venture into town next.