There is one thing I have found this last week really useful and that is the bike.  Having the bike set up in my ‘Dad Cave’ has meant that when I’ve been feeling angry, frustrated or emotional for whatever reason has saved me.  I still need to get on top of my emotions and mental state, but the bike has been a lifesaver recently.

Sign on entry to my Dad Cave

At the start of the week I was able to sort through my Dad Cave.  It was cluttered and dark (not much of a window in there as it’s the garage for the house).  I work in here at least one day a week and I spend time in here if I want to be on the computer, or now the bike.  But it was constantly making my mood worse the longer I spent in here.

After a declutter and a move around in there, I now have more room than seemed possible.  When you move everything out, the room feels huge, but then by the time you add my Desk, TV Unit, and Drawer Unit it feels a lot of the space is gone.  At least now the clutter is gone and I’ve moved the furniture around, I can fit my bike (and turbo trainer) in without having to maneuver around it all the time.

It’s now a space I can use to clear anything going off in my head.  A few times this last week I’ve headed into their to either get on the bike for a bit or attend to my blog.  It’s my own personal retreat where I can go when I need to declutter the mind.  I’ve figured this is a process I’m going to have to get used to in order to release some of the pressure that I’ve let build up over the last years.  I do not want to hit that boiling point like last week ever again if I can help it.

This little sanctuary of mine is also the only place in the house I can have my Formula one related stuff out, the missus doesn’t let me clutter any other part of the house with my memorabilia, pictures or models – not that I mind, it means that I get to admire them every time I need some me time.  

If you ever struggle with getting away from anything which can cause stress, try to make something that can be your space.  I’m fortunate that I have my own little room (was a tick in a box when we bought the house), but not everyone has a little room they can use to clear their head.  Sometimes your bedroom will be suffice, as long as family members are at an understanding with you that when you need your space they will give it you.  It’s really helped me this week – so if you’re feeling anxious, stressed or generally low – try and have some me time.  If you’re able to exercise and relieve some mental pressure while there then that is always a bonus too.