It is Thursday yet again which again means weigh day was yesterday – that day that anyone part of a Slimming Group often dreads.  Yesterday was a little different for me though, I attended an earlier group instead of the usual 7pm group.  Not being at work this week and having the in-laws round last night made it easier to attend the 9.15am group.

I wasn’t feeling great about weighing in.  The last week hadn’t been on plan for about 40% of the time, the other 60% was though, so I wasn’t really expecting much.  Not expecting much put me in a bit of a down mood heading to group as I’ve been chasing that 2st award for weeks now.  Often getting close then gaining weight to lose it again.

Cutting to the good bit we queued, paid, queued then came the scales.  My card was put into the card reader and the resounding ‘beep’ to indicate the scales were ready sounded.  I climbed on as usual and watched the figured jump up rapidly from zero.  I could tell from the scales I had lost, but couldn’t work out how much.  I don’t often remember my weight from the week previous and I don’t look in my book to see before jumping – just something I don’t do. I had lost another 2.5lbs.  This meant I had achieved that 2st award… total loss now being 2st 1lbs.

Now, at this point, I’d be jumping around, overjoyed that I had finally gotten to that landmark of a new shiny sticker and matching certificate.  Instead, I couldn’t shake the lowly mood I worked myself into.  I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get excited about the weight that I had shed this week.  Maybe it was just the mood I’d already set before getting weighed, maybe I feel I didn’t deserve the milestone because I hadn’t been on plan all week.  Either way, I just sat back down at my seat and tried to think about why I was feeling how I was.

2 Stones Award graphic from Slimming World

Since yesterday morning I have been constantly thinking about why I would still lose weight this week despite not sticking to plan for a big bulk of the time.  The only logical conclusion I could come to is the exercise I’ve been getting in recently. 

The previous Wednesday my turbo trainer for the bike had arrived, so I’ve been on it a few times in the last week. With the weather getting close to freezing this week, there would be no way I would have got out on the roads with the bike – I don’t have the gear to keep warm enough in these temperatures as I’m only just starting out with my new found hobby, especially compared to people who have been cycling for years and traveled 1000’s of miles (I will be there one day).  This meant that the turbo trainer has been set up in my office and will likely be a permanent fixture for the next 3 months or so.

I’ve been using the free trial on Zwift this last week and I’ve really enjoyed it.  Zwift partners with the Tacx Flow Smart Trainer is an experience I never imagined for cycling indoors, but I love it and each time I’ve used it this week I’ve felt really good after.  Over the last week, I’ve managed three rides totaling just short of 21.5 miles.  These are virtual miles and I imagine that figure will be slightly higher than the miles I’ve actually pedaled (Zwift has no wind or traffic and a better bike than I ride in the real world).  Either way, over the 3 sessions it totaled 74 minutes and 34 seconds of riding.

Zwift Rides in Watopia

Over an hour of exercise which I wouldn’t have gotten without the turbo trainer.  This is the only thing I can think of that got me the weight loss this week.  I now feel better about the milestone I hit this week and I’m feeling optimistic about next week weigh in.