Anyone who currently attends a regular Slimming World group will know that from the end of December there are some planned changes to the lifestyle change we’re undergoing (don’t ever call Slimming World a diet, they’ll bury you alive).  So far we were told there are some exciting changes, things we will be able to have more of, some things less off and we’ll be getting shiny new packs which will cover the changes in the plan.

Nothing can be kept a secret these days and as much as companies try to keep secrets, social media as it is today will allow anyone to spill the beans.  Surprise, surprise someone let loose what the changes are – even though we’re not meant to know for another good 5 weeks.  This ‘leak’ has lead to our Consultant having to take to our closed Facebook Group to let us know the changes now, so as to not confuse us with anything from Social Media (let’s face it, it being on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s true unless you trust the source).

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So here goes, here are the BIG changes that are coming our way in the life of a Slimming World member;

Our Nutrition team here at Slimming World regularly review the latest scientific and nutrition research, food trends and product information to make sure our generous Food Optimising stays bang up-to-date and in line with current guidance so that you can achieve the very best weight loss results in the very healthiest way.

This is the usual stuff Slimming World give before announcing any big changes – even the Fat-Free Yogurt news started along these lines.

To help you achieve your dream in 2019, you’ll receive a special limited edition New Member Pack for free when you go along to group during Christmas week or New Year week. And, in it, you might spot a few changes to Food Optimising:

Can’t wait for my new pack.  It’s like starting from fresh, but hopefully with a lower starting weight – WIN!

1. Enjoy an additional Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice every Extra Easy day – for even more calcium and even more choice!

This first big change, an additional Health Extra ‘a’ choice.  This is good news for me.  Our Healthy Extras are bits of food we have to weigh but are to include in each day.  Healthy Extra ‘a’ is basically calcium and is made up of Milk and Cheeses.  I love cheese, so this is always going to be welcomed in my book.

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This will also sit well with a large number of members.  Often we hear in the group that members are torn between milk allowance for the day (breakfast and tea/coffee etc) or cheese.  If you like both you’re usually picking one or the other.  This now means you can have a measurement of each.  I hope those cows working overtime are getting more grass as a treat.

2. Due to new nutrition information:

A handful of Free Foods have lost their P symbols – baked beans, broad beans, mung beans and all varieties of peas (except split peas)

A few Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices have changed.

A Healthy Extra portion of whole cow’s milk has increased to 200ml

The Healthy Extra portions of rice and almond milk have both decreased to 400ml

40g Paneer cheese is now a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice!

Some products are no longer Healthy Extras:

Kelloggs Special K Milk Chocolate Delight Bar, Sweetened dairy-free milk, Reduce fat/light soft cheese (including Philadelphia Light), Soft goat’s cheese

So some beans and peas are no longer a Protein ‘P’ food.  This doesn’t really affect me that much as I rarely do what is called ‘SP’ Days (speed and protein).  SP days are usually for a couple of days to boost a weight loss if you’ve been off track (don’t work for me as I need carbs to function).

Measurements of whole cows milk, rice milk, and almond milk have changed.  OK for me, I’ll stick with my semi-skimmed still – which hasn’t changed looking at this.  Not sure what Paneer cheese is though, might have to Google that one!

Some products that are no longer a Health Extra (‘a’ or ‘b’).  What is going to bother me here is the removal of Philadelphia Light.  I can make a wicked Chicken and Mushroom is creamy Garlic and Chive Philadelphia source – I still can, I’ll just have to syn it instead of using it as my Health Extra ‘a’.

3. On an Extra Easy SP day, enjoy at least half a plate of Speed food, and the rest Protein-rich food as usual. Plus two Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices and one Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice and, to boost your weight loss further, a maximum of 10 Syns.

Two big changes here; the first being changing from 2x Healthy Extra ‘b’ choices to 1x Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice.  The second being changing from 1x Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice to 2x Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices.

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So in conclusion;

  • HE(a) choices are changing;
    • Getting two choices instead of one
    • Some measurements and products are changing
  • Some HE(b) choices are being removed
  • SP plan is changing from 1x HE(a) and 2x HE(b) to 2x HE(a) and 1x HE(b)

These changes are the biggest changes for a long time.  I’ve been a Slimming World member on and off for the best part of more than 7 years and this is the biggest change I’ve seen to the plan during that time.

Remember though, any questions need to be directed at your Slimming World Consultant.  They’re trained to know the plan inside and out and they’re your best source of information for changes to the plan at any time.