Ever since 2003 and being 16 years old I’ve owned an Xbox – all the way from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  Gaming has been a big part of my life for the past decade and a half and it’s contributed to being who I am.  It’s a part of why I’m the size I am too.

Before leaving school I used to get out an about on my bike, walking, generally hanging with friends.  Then came the driving test at 17 which was passed and I found a love for online gaming.  At first it was mainly First Person Shooters then I eventually gave them up for Racing Sims.

I became obsessed with playing games.  Along with my brother, I entered into online gaming teams and even had a crack at running our own team for a while.  Only ever entering amateur competitions like the Warped Gaming League (WGL), we went on playing easily 5 or 6 nights a week.  That lead to not going out anywhere near as often, losing touch with friends and inevitably weight-gain.

Over the course of the last 7 and a bit years I have slowly given up online gaming, or rather gaming as a whole.  May 2011 is when it all changed for me.  Previously I used to game most of the time as I had nothing better to do, but since then I have.  I got with the wonderful woman who is now my wife.  She gave me a reason to get out and interact with other humans without talking over an Internet link.  But still, the weight gained and gained as it went from lack of exercise to eating out all the time.  Not living together meant getting out as often as we could.

Then, later on, we rented a place and moved in together.  This is where my several weight loss journeys start.  Wifey had previously been successful with Slimming World before putting that hard work to waste again.  I’m now on my 5th attempt at Slimming World, but feeling more motivated than ever.

The first time I couldn’t believe Slimming World would work, not with what you could eat – or rather didn’t want to believe.  We then moved to where my wife is from and the second and third stints worked fairly well.  I also started playing indoor football once a week – starting to get into the moving around again.  The fourth stint my wife was the consultant (literally she became a Slimming World consultant with her own group).  This time it started really well, I felt I had to do well to make her look good at her job.  But then as time went on and we had less and less time for ourselves it went sideways.

Now we’ve since moved back to where I grew up and we’ve found a Slimming World group that works for us (after Wifey trialing a couple that just wasn’t working for her).  The weight started coming off earlier this year, then I had the usual few weeks where I lost my mojo.  I needed a hobby, something that would get me moving and something where I could have ‘me’ time to clear some headspace.

Along came borrowing my Dads bike which has lead to owning my own bike again.  I still suffer from the ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude every now and then – it’s a habit/attitude I’ve had for a decade and a half, it won’t be easy to just spring out of it.  But when I do get out on the bike I absolutely love it.  I’m having some clipless pedals fitted this week so I’m really looking forward to getting used to them over the next couple of weeks.

As of today, that Xbox obsession that has slowly dwindled away over the last few years is gone.  It’s been sold.  The number of times I have been on it on the last 12 months can be counted on my hands and most of that was between Xmas and New Year last year before my youngest came along.  Since the turn of the new year, it’s hardly been touched.  So I’ve sold it off to pay for a different ‘game’.  I’m about to enter the world of indoor training on my bike.

I took the advice of a couple of comments on the post 47 Days and looked into second-hand trainers.  I found a seller on eBay selling reconditioned Tacx trainers that come with a 12-month warranty on the units and they were being sold for similar prices a Joe Bloggs trying to earn a bit of cash selling his own trainer.  At least I get a bit of peace of mind with the warranty for 12 months.

Now I’m like a kid knowing Santa is coming soon, only hopefully he’ll have been by Friday.  I wonder what sort of world awaits…