What’s in 47 days?  Am I referring to something 47 days ago, or am I referring to something in 47 days time?  Either way, are you asking Google, or Alexa, or Siri right now what’s in 47 days time?  If you are asking, I wonder what answer you get?

Anyway, technology aside, I’m referring to the next holiday in the UK.  I know in the USA you have Thanks Giving first, but we British are now on full steam to Christmas.  Halloween has passed us and bonfire night was earlier this week (though the sound of fireworks still going off at night would say otherwise).

Traditionally in my family, we would start stocking up on treats.  We have a treat table through the festive period, comprising of things like Maltesers, Mini Chocolates like Heros or Celebrations, Pringles, Matchsticks and on and on.  We’d start buying now and the treat table would show when we put the decorations up at the start of December.

This year though we are not having a treat table in our household.  I doubt the wife will moan about it seeing as she’s doing Slimming World with me and the kids aren’t old enough to remember we usually have one so I doubt they’ll miss out this year.

Will I feel something is missing through December?  Maybe, I can’t answer that right now, but what I can say I am determined to get through the festive period without gaining any weight.  This weeks gain is going to be the last gain of this year.  It will be damn hard but I need something to aim for, a goal, a finish line of some sort.  It will help me to keep on track and stay focused.

My Christmas wish with Slimming World

It’s going to get harder to get out on the bike over the coming weeks as the temperatures lower and lower.  I have some winter kit for cycling, but I don’t think it’ll hold out lower than 5 or 6 Degree Celsius (41 or 43 Fahrenheit for my readers in other countries).  This means less exercise or body magic as we call it at Slimming World, which means I need to focus more on the foods I’m eating.

I’d love a Smart Turbo Trainer, but if my budget can’t stretch to a few decent winter cycling clothes at the moment, it isn’t going to stretch to a trainer either.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be getting on the bike at all, it will just be the days when the weather is at its best, when it dry (or drizzling, just not lashing it down) and the wind isn’t gale force.  It’s just unfortunate that those days a becoming quite numbered now.