Halloween Is Too Sweet

I hate Halloween, not because kids are out asking “trick or treat”, not because people go mad for spooky decorations and costumes and not because it’s just a money making scheme that companies rope you into buying stuff you don’t really need.  I hate it because the kids always come back with loads of sweets (not good for me).

I have a sweet tooth, I love a bit of chocolate or some Haribo or something here and there.  My daughter being 4 years old went trick or treating with mummy and nanny this year.  She loved it, she dressed as a witch with the face paint on and everything – she thought it was ace and I likely would at her age too.  OK, me and the wife probably hyped her up a bit this year leading up to Halloween, but my daughter getting as excited as she did was well worth it.  I think this year is the first year she has fully understood the whole trick or treat thing and was looking forward to it.

Since Wednesday last week I have been fighting with myself every day – quite often loosing too.  My daughter had a rather large bag (almost the size of a 5p carrier bag) full of sweets and chocolate.  I mean some houses on our estate went to town this year and gave little goody bags themselves instead of take 1 sweet from a bowl.  It has been hell for me – and will probably be worse when my daughter eventually realises I’ve eaten half of her goodies (if she notices at all).

coffin and pumpkin breads
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

The thing for me is I didn’t just have a couple of little bits Wednesday night, it was then all day Thursday and Friday, all weekend and then Monday evening.  That bag is in the house and I know it, even if I put it away in the cupboard I am drawn back to it again.  It is horrible knowing that half the time I’m saying to myself “you don’t need it, just grab a glass of water or squash instead”.  The other half of the time I’m thinking “what the hell, they’ll be gone sooner if I eat them”.  It’s safe to say I’ve not been on plan this week ready for Wednesday weigh night.

I’m prepared to deal with the damage from this weeks weigh in tomorrow evening, but what I can’t handle is the guilt… the regret… the “why did I do it” that comes following the damage.  That’s what kills me and has previously sent me into a string of weeks where I’ve lost control.

I’ve not gained full control this week at all, most meals have been on plan but the snacking certainly hasn’t.  All I can do is forget about this last week and push on into next week with the ambition of getting that 2 stone award (likely I won’t get it this week).

8 thoughts on “Halloween Is Too Sweet”

  1. OK then it’s time to step in from tonight I will relieve you of your 5p carrier bag with its contents and your daughter (my granddaughter for other followers) can visit and replenish her pockets whenever she wishes…

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  2. I hate to say it, brother, but you eat your kid’s candy?! I’ve eaten a few pieces they gave me over the last 15 years, but I’ve never sunken to raiding the bag. You need to step back and look af that, man. It shouldn’t be that big a deal to leave her stuff alone.

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  3. It shouldn’t be that bigger deal no, but I didn’t get to the size I am without giving into temptation around sweets and generally bad food. It’s just the habits of years past, habits I am trying to change.

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  4. This is a tricky one, the temptation is so hard to beat, I used to be quite bad with chocolate.
    I think it was a change of mind with me, I became a none sugar eater just by saying in my head, I am a none sugar eater.
    But everyone brain works differently.
    Be a none chocolate eater this Christmas mate.

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  5. I’m glad it’s not only me. I’ve already decided there will be no goodies out on the table this Christmas, unless it’s stuff I don’t like haha. I think this last week has really put into perspective the ‘damage’ it does when you are actively trying to loose weight. Mind over matter, that’s all I got to keep thinking.


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