Yesterday was Wednesday, which in turn means last night was weigh night.  We know I dread weighing in, the though those numbers go up instead of down compared to last week can drain me sometimes.  This week I tried to be optimistic.  The wife said she was dreading getting weighed and would paddy if she hadn’t lost what she wanted.  I had to ignore her (in the nicest way possible).  I didn’t want to worry about the weigh-in this week.

We managed to get to group a little earlier than usual this week.  We were crowning Mr Sleek and Miss Slinky so is was TASTER night.  I love taster nights, we get to eat while at group, some people take good low syn things in, some people take high syn snacks and treats.  We contributed some Deviled Eggs – a very easy thing to make, eggs, chilli powder and some red pepper for horns – I can share that in a recipe post some time.

My Deviled Eggs

Anyway, we joined the queue, checked in and paid our weekly fee and went to weigh.  I did my usual wallet, keys, watch etc on the table, shoes off and climbed on the scales.  Much to my dismay I didn’t loose what I needed to get my 2 stone certificate.  I was a little disheartened by that, but on the bright side I’d lost and I am now down into the next stone bracket with my weight.  Past every cloud there is sunshine and all that.

Still I lost 2.5 lbs this week, which means I’m now 2 lbs away from obtaining my 2 stone certificate and shiny sticker.  Next week it will be mine and I can add some more paper to the side of the fridge at home.

My journey so far

Week: 26
Weight Lost: 1 Stone 12 lbs
To Club 10: 7.5 lbs