Anyone who is on some sort of diet to loose weight will know that it is the little things that can really let you down.  A little bite of a cake you’ve the kids here, a little nibble of the biscuit the kids left.  It all adds up and before you know it you’ve ruined your week, potentially without consciously knowing it.

I’ve been quiet on my blog this last weekend as it’s been a busy weekend for me.  Not only has it been a busy week on call with work, but I’ve had a 50th Birthday Lunch to attend and a family BBQ yesterday (yes it was cold, but most of us sat inside while those cooking were outside).  There was temptation everywhere over the weekend and I’d like to think I came out on top with my will power this time.

Saturday we went to a nice pub/restaurant that has always served nice food.  Their pies and burgers are immense, but I stayed away from them.  Usually looking at a menu the first thing I look at is the burgers, especially when I know they’re nice.  I love a good burger and when I get a chance I usually go for one without even thinking about it.  This weekend though I didn’t even check them out on the menu.  I knew I had to stay on plan and stay on plan is exactly what I did.

I checked up and down the menu and went for the Gammon Steak.  It come with Chips etc, but I asked the nice lady who took our order if I could swap them for New Potatoes and Veg.  This way I’d only need to allow a few Slimming World Syns for the oil the Gammon was cooked in – which isn’t a great deal to be honest.  The Veg and Potatoes had no oil or butter anywhere near them so I was completely safe with them.  After ordering I was proud of myself, I was able to deny my stomach wanting something off plan – mind over matter they say.  The meal came a little later and it was beautiful.  The nicest New Potatoes I’ve had on a meal out before and the Gammon was spot on, only a tiny bit of fat around the outside which I removed (I don’t do fat on meat, even when not on plan).


Sunday I knew would be danger for me at the BBQ.  I’m a sucker for burgers as we know, but there is always little nibbly things like crisps and nuts at these occasions and I always take a few here and there without even noticing it – it’s just something that I’ve always done.  But this time I was determined to be prepared.  If you read one of my previous posts Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail you will know I had a couple of Slimming World frozen meals left over that were meant to be used the previous weekend.  Well they came in handy this time.  I took them with me this time and remembered them.  Plan was I would have one and wifey have the other.

By the time we got to the BBQ, I got called to log on for work again (perks of working in IT means I can log on anywhere as long as there is WiFi).  This was a blessing in disguise as it kept me away from any food that was out.  While I was working, wifey sorted my Slimming World meal, Vegetable Biryani.  Eating this and not the BBQ food kept me on plan.  We shortly left after I finished working, so there was no time to be tempted by the BBQ food at all.  This meant I was able to stay on plan all weekend.

Now the next few days will be challenging until weigh night on Wednesday.  My 9 month old has chicken pox so I’m working from home, with the big fridge and cupboard of temptation.  To be honest, we don’t have that much stuff that is off plan, it’s mainly the kids stuff – but it’s there and easily accessible.  I’m just going to have to play it bit by bit and just make sure each little decision is a win.  After all, it’s the little wins that make that matter.