I finally got out on my Boardman ADV last night for the first time.  I’ve only had in since Saturday, but it’s taken this long due to needing to ‘modify’ the mudguards to get them to fit properly and also find the time to actually get out (as hectic as life is right now).

It was only a little ride, but a learning ride at that.  I need to move my saddle slightly forward as it’s too far back at the moment and I feel the tops of the brake handles are too low/forward, so the handle bar needs adjusting so they’re a little higher.  I didn’t know until about 5 weeks ago what Bike Fit was, but I’ve learnt a fair bit from YouTube these last few weeks.

The ride itself, albeit not as comfortable as it could have been, was enjoyable.  Getting back out last night, even for half an hour, was really needed.  I was in a foul mood when I got home from work and I needed a bit of a release.  As I’ve covered before getting out on the bike is my time and my time to release any stress or bad feeling I have.  It helps me clear my mind and last night it certainly did that.  Even the wife noticed a change in my mood when I got back.


It’s the first time I’ve ever had a bike with drop handles.  I’ve only ever had mountain bikes in the past, but this adventure bike suited more for what I wanted to eventually use it for, commuting.  I’ll be honest, I did some searching via Google for any tips other people have previously had for transitioning to drops for the first time.  I found different sites/posts from people explaining the different positions on the handle bars, so I used this time to experiment a little.

I found being on the ‘hoods’ fairly comfortable, a lot more comfortable than I thought I would.  Then switching to the tops for any inclines was easier as it allowed me to get a little more upright to use my lungs more efficiently.  I could of times going back down the inclines I came up I used the Hooks, right behind the brakes.  This was fairly comfortable and gave me better confidence in braking should I have needed to rather sharpish.

I also noticed how much easier it was to pedal along roads with these wheels.  My Boardman ADV has 700c x 38mm wheels.  They have little knobbly bits on the tires as they’re designed for on and off road use.  I was amazed how much slicker they felt on the road compared to the mountain bike I was using previously.  It felt a lot less effort to get the bike going and to keep it going too.

The difference in weight compared to the mountain bike was noticeable as soon as I picked the bike up on Saturday, but actually riding it I noticed it even more.  It’s like riding on a cloud compared to what I’m used to.  it doesn’t feel too light that I feel I’m going to break it, but it is that much lighter it is so much more comfortable.  It’s around 6kg lighter than the mountain bike – which is almost 50% of the weight of this bike!

Overall I feel over the moon with this bike at the moment.  I can’t wait to get back on it, though will have to wait until next week as I’m on in-law duty this weekend while the wife goes to a spa (not jealous at all!).  I know someone who lives round the corner who owns a local bike shop and he’s agreed to go through a Bike Fit with me as soon as we can, so hopefully the little discomfort I felt last night will be gone for good.