Recipe: Low Syn Coronation Chicken

One of my all time sandwich filler and jacket potato filling is Coronation Chicken.  The mild curry taste just has its own place on a sandwich or as a jacket potato filler. Being a Slimming World member, I would have to syn any pre-made Coronation Chicken fillings.  This can range from 2 syns per tablespoon... Continue Reading →

Better Night Than Expected

Last night was Wednesday night and Wednesday night means weigh night for me.  It's that time of week my mum comes to baby sit while I go stand on a set of scales and talk about food and weight loss.  Yes Wednesday night is Slimming World night. This past week hasn't been a bad week... Continue Reading →

That Big Kid Feeling

Tonight I managed to do two things I really needed to do: I needed to adjust my bike, move the saddle forward a few millimeters and roll the handlebars back a tad to raise the brake levers a little Get out and ride the bike properly I was able to make the adjustments to my... Continue Reading →

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