It’s That Time Of Year…

Not only are people starting to count down to Christmas, shops are getting stocked for Christmas and everyone is whining about Christmas decorations in public places already, but the nights are getting longer and the days shorter. Along with longer night come cold mornings and just and cold evenings (though so far in the UK... Continue Reading →

But Why Cycling?

People have asked me why I'm using Cycling to loose weight.  There is not real reason behind it other than it's something I used to enjoy as a kid.  Long before I passed my driving test at the young age of 17 I used to go everywhere on a bike.  I used to race up... Continue Reading →

I Am Who I Am, Not What I Am

Weight loss for most people will give all sorts of benefits to their health and lifestyle.  Unless you're already at a desired weight or underweight, loosing weight can make you better mentally as well as physically. Being overweight can increase the risk of all sorts of conditions and issues, not least to mention; DiabetesHigh Blood... Continue Reading →

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